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Watch As We Make Beautiful Videos Touching Your Life And/Or Your Business

Enjoy Breath-Taking Videos

Have still pictures and mini-video clips? Watch us transform those into wonderful videos that you are going to enjoy for many years to come.

We shall let the videos do the talking. Those are worth millions of words.

Here's one - a commercial one.

Here's another one - a commercial one too.

Here's yet another - a personal one this time - stills taken from one of the lowest-end mobile phone cameras of May 2011.

Could carry on with more, but you already get the point.

And you could have both commercial videos like the above ones as well as personal ones touching upon your own life, or the fond moments of your friend (how about her marriage pics?) or of those days that your beautiful pet gave you some of your most memorable moments or your most beloved grandmother whom you lost recently...

We make 3-4 minute short videos from a maximum of 40 still pictures and up to 4 mini-video clips, each of maximum 30 seconds. This is for $57 only.

And we also make 6-8 minute full-length videos from a maximum of 80 still pictures and up to 6 mini-video clips, each of maximum 30 seconds. This is for $97 only.

The running text commentry, shown in the sample videos, is optional - it will be included if and only if you want it, and for no additional cost for you. Whether you want this or not will be clarified during the ordering process, and we can help you by talking to you online and discussing if you require us to.

To get started with making your video for your personal or commercial requirements, please enter your details below.

Hi Sudeshna,

Loved this video. Showed it to my family and my mother was almost stunned - she was crying by the end of it.

Heartfelt thanks.

-- Bella


You won't believe it, I have sold 5 machines per day on an average this month, compared 3 per day to earlier. That's nearly $3,200 extra per day for my business, and it means a lot to me. Adding that video to my webpage made the entire difference. It was really professional and informative. I loved the way you composed the video from just the pictures that Jenny had emailed you.

Yours In-Success,


Thanks for reading. A warm and pleasant welcome aboard, if you choose to create your videos with our service.
Fred and Sudeshna
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